Breaking OUt.

Breaking OUt.
Only a dead fish goes with the flow.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Don't sell yourself short when it comes to style.

I am a very short man, 5"1 to be exact. And in a world where towering models are the standard for how clothes should fit and look, a vertically challenged person's sense of style can be put to the test.

Truth be told, maintaining a sense of style can be very difficult when you have limited options. Off-the-rack brands rarely carry my size. An alternative would be the ladies section. Size-wise it can do but fit-wise? Aye there's the rub. Genetically men and women are built and shaped differently. And clothing that caters to them should fit them as nature would have it. And so, aside from pieces like jeans, sweaters, and some jacket styles the ladies sections still offers a few options. The last resort in finding your size would be the kid's section, but the limited and unflattering style options kinda shoots that horse in the face.

So what's left for us to do vertically and style challenged brothers? We have to use our wits and be more clever and creative in maintaining our sense of style. I have picked up a few tricks through the years that have made it easier for me to always look well put-together. So let me share them with you. Watch out for future blog entries. :-D

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